Publication : Papyrologica Bruxellensia 35

Papyrologica Bruxellensia 35.

P. Cair. Preis.2

R.P. Salomons


In 1911, Friedrich Preisigke published 48 papyrus texts belonging to the Cairo Museum as "Griechische Urkunden des Ägyptischen Museums zu Kairo (P. Cair. Preis.)".


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The edition reflected the editorial practices of those days It focused on the Greek text (rightly so), but lacked both a translation into a modern language and photographs; it provided only occasionally short introductions to texts and scanty notes, if any.

An editorially modernised and updated re-edition which integrates the results of more than hundred years of papyrological scholarship thus seems justified. For obvious reasons, those texts of the editio princeps that have already been re-edited in more recent times, are not included in the present volume.

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